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  • Ron Casto (Chairperson) Landscape_Chair@chesapeakepoa

  • Linda Flynn

  • Sherri Browning

  • Jim Edwards

  • Chip Lofton

  • Irene Skorupa

  • Lilli Palacio

*** If you are interested in joining the Landscape Committee, please contact Ron Casto Landscape_Chair@chesapeakepoa


Meeting minutes can be found HERE.


Reminder to pick up pet waste

We have had several complaints regarding homeowners who are not picking up pet waste.  Please remember it is the law.

In our community, bacteria from several different types of waste are the number one pollutant of our creeks. It’s estimated that more than 218,000 dogs living in Mecklenburg County are generating the weight of four elephants (about 72,000 pounds) of waste every day!

The best thing for pet owners to do is pick up after their pet every single time. This way pet waste is not left on the ground to run off with stormwater into our creeks, lakes and ponds.

Some other tips:

- Throw away pet waste in the garbage; never wash it into the gutter or storm drain.

- Check your pet store for products that make picking up easy.

- Never dispose of waste in or near creeks or lakes.  (This is especially important for our neighborhood with the creek and lake)

- Carry extra bags in your car so you are prepared when you travel with your pet. (Remember we have doggy bags around the lake on the garbage cans)

- Educate your neighbors


Posted by pkipper1 on 04/03/2014
Last updated on 06/04/2014
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