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Architecture Review Committee (ARC)

What and Why is there an ARC?

The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee is to enforce the CC&Rs with an ultimate goal of helping the community maintain a high level of value for all of the properties in the neighborhood. 

Its primary purpose is NOT to deny permission for homeowners to make improvements to their property. However, “improvements” is a matter of personal taste.  A 6 foot tall Pink Flamingo in the front yard may be an improvement for some people, and an eye sore to others.

So, when the ARC considers a request it uses two specific criteria. First, is the request a violation of the CC&Rs. The ARC does have the right and under certain circumstances has granted variances to a request which might be a violation of the CC&Rs if the homeowner can provide sufficient evidence that a waiver is warranted. But just because a waiver may be granted to one property it does not mean that a waiver will be granted for all properties. Waivers are considered on a case by case basis.

It is important to note that the ARC is not responsible for verifying that requests will pass city or county requirements, so even if a the ARC may vote to pass a request, the homeowner may also have to get approval from the couunty or city before proceeding.

The second consideration for a requested improvement is whether or not the improvement is consistent with the look and feel of the rest the homes in the community. This criteria is much more subjective and subject to interpretation including but not necessarily limited to changes in technology and building materials.

Currently there are 4 active members of the ARC comittee, but if you want to have a say about how you commuinity looks, other members of the neighborhood are welcome and encouraged to join. We strongly believe that the more members we have, the better.

What the ARC Isn't:

The ARC is not responsible for enforcing violations covered by city or county ordinance. That means things like cars parked on the grass, homes not being properly maintained in good condition, grass not being mowed, loose dogs in the neghborhood, trash cans being left other words general nuisence items which are addressed in the the city and county ordanences.  For these issues you should call 311 for non-emergency items.

The following link does a good job of discussing 311 action items.


Current ARC Members

Other members of the neighborhood are welcome and encouraged to join.


ARC Form


The City of Charlotte’s Neighborhood & Business Services Code Enforcement Division recently published the code enforcement and ordinances to help preserve Charlotte’s safe and clean places to live, work and play.  Within this release, they reinforced the city ordinances and the fines associated with each.  There are multiple areas of interest within this release including parking on the front lawn, leaving trash/recycle containers curbside on the wrong collection day, storage of trash/recycle containers, etc…


One area for our home owners to consider is the requirements for the roll out containers (trash and recycle containers).  These containers are not allowed to be stored in the front of the house, they are encouraged to be stored in the backyard or inside your garage.  If containers are placed in the front yard and/or not appropriately screen on the side of the yard, a fine of $25 is assessed by the City for each violation.


The ARC will continue to require that containers not be in the front yard; and that containers in the side yard must be screened.  However, we will no longer send letters to homeowners; we will send reports to the City instead.


Each homeowner is encouraged to take the time to read and understand this release, as the ARC will utilize this as a baseline for reporting violations to the city of Charlotte.


Release Link


ARC Committee Notes

If you are planning any improvements, please complete an ARC form and submit it to Joan Kelly, 14206 Harlequin Drive.  Examples of work that would need an ARC request include, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Painting exterior of home (both existing or a new color) 
  • Painting front door and/or shutters 
  • Replacing a mailbox 
  • Building or replacing a fence 
  • Building a deck 
  • Addition of a screened porch 
  • Building a shed/outbuilding

Once the ARC Chairperson receives ther request, the request will be reviewed by the Committee and you should receive a response within 15 days.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Joan Kelly at  Please remember to include paint swatches, drawings of where the addition will be placed and/or other relevant information.


 Trash can, recycle bins need to be screened

The ARC conducts monthly drive throughs and reports that the most common violation of our bylaws is trash and recycle containers not being screened.  Our CC&Rs state:  Declaration of Covenant for the Chesapeake Subdivision, “Section 7.10. Maintenance of Lot.  … No Lot shall be used in whole or in part for storage of rubbish of any character whatsoever and no trash, rubbish, stored materials, wrecked or inoperable vehicles or similar unsightly items shall be allowed to remain on any Lot outside an enclosed structure provided, however, that the foregoing shall not be construed to prohibit temporary deposits of trash, rubbish and other debris for collection by governmental or other similar garbage and trash removal units...”

 We have relaxed the requirement that trash and recycle containers be totally enclosed, and allow containers to be outside provided they are screened.  There are several ways to screen your containers, some of which are listed below for your convenience:

1.  keep your trash/recycle contaner(s) inside your garage

2.  keep your trash/recycle container(s) behind your fence

3.  keep your trash/recycle container(s) at the back of your house

4.  keep your trash/recycle container(s) behind evergreen shrubs (for example, tall hollies and tea olives are good screening shrubs)

5.  build a structure to screen the trash/recycle containers. NOTE!  ARC pre-approval is required for any structure.  Lowe's and Home Depot have inexpensive kits available.

 If you have any questions about proper screening of trash and recycle containers, please contact the ARC at ;




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